Peat extraction is mainly done in the peat swamp of Vārve (285.5 hectares), which the company leases from the council of Vārve (Ventspils region). In 2003 we started extraction of peat in the swamp „Purvāji”, owned by „ZIBU Ventspils” Ltd (Talsi region) (40.13 hectares).

In 2011 the extraction of peat was started in a peat swamp „Krastkalni”, Talsi region (54.7 ha). Since 2002 on the basis of a contract concluded with the farm „Piesaule”, the peat is extracted from Sarāju swamp, Talsi region. In 2009 construction of packing workshop was completed in „Virziķi”. In 2010 construction of the second hangar, which is used to sort the peat, was completed.